Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are all the roads paved to The Lodge?  
    Yes, all are paved from Mountain Home to the Lodge.
  • How many parking spaces are available at The Lodge? 
    On the entrance sided (east), there are three or four paved parking spaces. Only two if cars occupy the RV pad or basketball area. However, the grass soccer area serves as our overflow parking area and can accommodate many vehicles.  The west entrance has paved parking for 2-3 vehicles and two gravel spaces.
  • Our family reunion will have those with campers (RVs). Is there space or facilities for them?
    Currently, The Lodge has one RV space; however, that will be taken soon with the construction of a pavilion on that site. Call or write for more details on RV/camping availability.
  • Are there any carports or garages that would protect our motorcycles or boat trailers?  We have converted the three-car garage into a recreation room, so not much cover for now; however, a pavilion and carport are planned for mid-2019.