About Us And The Lodge

  • I grew up in NE Ohio, and had barely ever heard of the state of Arkansas! My parents moved to Arkansas in 1972, when real estate was booming and many people were moving here. I decided to join them when I graduated from college and had not yet gotten a job teaching. I was here teaching choral music in the high school when I met Steve, and six months later we were married!
  • Even as I fell in love with Steve, I fell in love with this area. My first memory of arriving in Mountain Home was crossing the lake at night on the highway department-operated ferry system. The smell in the air was strong with the aroma of cedar, which I love to this day! As I think back, it was probably from all the campsites around the lakes.
  • My husband’s father purchased this land in 1959, and we are so glad he did! We were living in NE Arkansas and a position opened for us in Mountain Home. Steve was born and raised here, so it was great to be able to come back home. We were ready for country living and our two boys were just entering junior high school, so it was the best time to move back. We decided to build on the 40 acres close to Mountain Home and the process began. I feel I could write a book on homesteading! We lived in an RV while the house was being built, and pumped water out of the spring for a short time! We all worked together with the builder, and I know our boys have many skills today because of that experience.
  • Our location is so special; we are about 6 minutes from the Mountain Home square, but we are very much in the country. We have known this land and home are unique for as long as we’ve lived here, and we realize that God has set this place aside for His plans and purposes to be fulfilled. I remember walking on the gravel foundation and dedicating the land and home to God to use however He chose. Prayer has been the foundation of this property and we are excited to be the caretakers of the land to bless many others who come here. We know life is stressful for so many, and to be able to provide a place of relaxation and refreshing is an awesome blessing for us!
  • My favorite things about the home are almost too numerous to mention. I love the fact, that from the road it just looks like any other house, but the instant you walk through the front door…wow! And when you continue through into the kitchen and living room, the beauty almost leaves me breathless! Even after all these years, it still has the same effect on me. It is the most fun party house, and for large gatherings of people to eat and enjoy the company of good friends is priceless.
  • Steve and I will celebrate our 46th wedding anniversary in April, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else! Our two boys were born and raised in Mountain Home. I tried staying home for a year when the boys were two and three years old, and I never went back to teaching. I was blessed to be able to be home with them and to be the at-home mom for all their neighborhood friends. I gave piano lessons in our home for many years. I have taught many Bible studies in this home, and it has been a place of rest and refuge for people throughout the years. ….. Betsy